So we're finally here. Our online presence has been long awaited. Under the Gun Tattoo Saloon is arguably South Jersey's best tattoo shop. Combined, our tattoo artists share well over 50 years experience. Chris Gamm's Under the Gun Tattoo shop started as a small time, walk-in tattoo shop with just a few guys. The tattoo saloon has evolved into one of the best known tattoo parlors in the southern New Jersey and Philadelphia area.

South Jersey's #1 Tattoo Shop
Chris Gamm's Under the Gun Tattoo Saloon

If you've ever stopped by Under the Gun, you know how welcoming and friendly our staff are. It's amazing how the personality of the tattoo shop can be felt from the second you walk through the doors. Our team of tattoo artists are not only co-workers but also personal friends. That is what makes Chris Gamm's Under the Gun Saloon special and a comfortable place to get your next tattoo piece. Under the Gun has a history for some of the top tattoo artists in South Jersey.

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After browsing through our site you will understand a couple of things about Under the Gun Tattoo. You will quickly realize that we have the best tattoo artists in South Jersey, we pride ourselves on superior customer service, and most importantly, our clean and safe tattooing environment. Our frequently asked questions will answer some burning questions you may have. We use premium quality inks, individually wrapped needles, and did we mention some of the best tattoo artists under the sun.